Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Daily licence issuing numbers may come down soon

Daily licence issuing numbers may come down soon
Everyone in India knows how easy it is to get a driver’s licence . At some places, you don’t even need to show the RTO officer that you can drive. All you have to do is show your face and some documents and within the next few days, you will have a licence  home. But this is about to change. 
A Supreme Court appointed committee has asked the apex body to come out with a policy that every designated officer will issue not more than 15-20 driving licences a day. The court believes that currently each of these officers issue around 200 licences in a single day which is quite impossible. Issuing so many licences a day is bound to affect our traffic system because there will be many drivers who aren’t trained properly. In order to issue maximum licences, the RTO officer doesn’t test these applicants, which usually takes time and if he does that, there won’t be many ways for the officer to indulge in corruption. India currently issues over 1.15 crore new and renewed licences through 1,000 regional transport offices (RTO) each year. While there are many stringent processes in other countries to procure a driving licence, it is quite easy to get one in India. 
We welcome this new development from the government and would love to see it implemented as soon as possible. 
Source: timesofindia

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