Thursday, November 27, 2014

Why Friends are More Important

A friend's love is more than a lover. 
A lover may leave, but a friend will stay. 
A lover could demand, but a friend would help. 
A friend could love you more than a lover could do.

You can search for a lover here and there, but you can't find an instant friend.
So treasure the friends you have coz they are more important.

Real Love Means Patience

"... In God's time, we'll fall in love for the right reasons and to the right person. When that time comes, love will be worth the tears and the long wait. Then we will forget we cried and be thankful we waited..."

Understanding Love

Love isn't just about the words, but the meaning behind it...

It's not just "you can trust me" but "I'll never make you doubt"...

Not just "don't do this" but "let me do it for you"

Not just "take care" but "let me hold your hand"

Not just "don't go there" but "let me go with you"

Not just "I'm sorry" but "I'l never hurt you again"

Not just "I'm here" but "I'll never leave"

Not just "don't worry" but "I'l never give you a reason to worry" 

Not just "I'll try my best" but "I'll do whatever it takes"

Not just "I Love You..." but "Life has no meaning without you"...

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